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What are the biopharmaceutical equipment What are the biopharmaceutical equipment

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What are the biopharmaceutical equipment

       Biopharmaceutical laboratories, usually use shakers, bioreactors, fermenters, incubators, biochemical incubators, carbon dioxide incubators, autoclaves, circulating water coolers, air compressors, and also include cell crushers, high pressure homogenizers, freeze dryers, spray dryers, centrifugal concentrators, biochemical analyzers, etc.

Analysis of biopharmaceutical industry

        Biopharmaceutical is the use of living organisms to produce drugs, such as the use of transgenic corn production of human antibodies, transgenic bovine mammary gland expression of human α1 antitrypsin. Biopharmaceutical industry has a bright future, half of the world's pharmaceuticals are already biosynthetic, which will be widely used to treat cancer, AIDS, coronary heart disease, anemia, dysplasia, diabetes and many other diseases. The vast majority of antibiotics that have been applied in medicine come from microorganisms, such as erythromycin, jessamine, etc., penicillin, streptomycin, gentamicin, etc. for injection. China is engaged in biotechnology industry research, development, production and operation of the number of people is only equivalent to the number of biotechnology industry in the U.S. 1/4. engaged in the research and development of biopharmaceutical products is a serious shortage of talent, has become a bottleneck limiting the development of China's biopharmaceutical industry.

       The development of the domestic biopharmaceutical industry has a small scale, low concentration, fast growth rate and other characteristics. Although China's biopharmaceutical industry sales increased significantly but only and the U.S. biochemical company Amgen a sales close. Hualan Biological, Titan Biological, Kehua Biological, Shuanglu Pharmaceutical, Daan Gene five listed companies annual sales accounted for only about four percent of the market share. The production capacity structure of China's biopharmaceutical companies there is an imbalance, high-end drug production capacity is insufficient, the phenomenon of excess capacity of low-end drugs. For example, more than half of China's vaccine production products are used to prevent polio, measles and other common diseases, no vaccines for cutting-edge cancer, AIDS vaccine development, I currently have relatively weak independent research and development capabilities of products within the biopharmaceutical industry enterprises, mainly generic drugs and APIs, poor competitive ability. China has been approved for listing only about five percent of the original biological drugs, the vast majority of generic drugs. Domestic biopharmaceutical industry in R & D investment in only a small number of biopharmaceutical plants close to the international level, the vast majority of biopharmaceutical plants R & D investment is less.

Biopharmaceutical prospect analysis

Development prospects

        Biopharmaceutical technology as a high-tech, is the early 70s along with DNA recombinant technology and lymphocyte hybridoma technology and the invention and application of the birth. For more than thirty years, the rapid development of biopharmaceutical technology has opened up a broad prospect for the development of medical industry and pharmaceutical industry, which has greatly improved people's lives. Therefore, countries around the world have identified biopharmaceuticals as a key technology and emerging industry for the development of science and technology in the 21st century.

        Biopharmaceutical professional features are biopharmaceutical has become one of the fastest growing industries in the international and domestic, the 21st century is the century of biotechnology, biopharmaceutical has become the focus of the detection of high-tech development in China.

        In the shadow of the global financial crisis, emerging countries pharmaceutical market but the performance of the scenery this side of the good, China as one of the "BRIC", biopharmaceutical market is also particularly bright. The National Development and Reform Commission arranged for new central investment of 442 million yuan to support the construction of biopharmaceuticals, bio-breeding, biomedical engineering high-tech industrialization special projects and national bio-industry base public service conditions special projects. This move has injected new momentum for the future development of biopharmaceuticals.

        Although after years of development, China's biopharmaceutical industry has a good foundation, but compared with the biopharmaceutical industry of advanced countries in the world, China's biopharmaceutical industry still has a lot of gaps. The development of China's biopharmaceutical industry from scientific research to industrialization will be a difficult road. From the national to local governments at all levels continue to increase their efforts to support the development of biomedical industry. By 2020, China will basically realize industrialization and build a perfect socialist market economy system and a more dynamic and open economic system. At the same time, the social security system is relatively sound, and a more complete modern medical and health system will be formed. These two factors will create a huge market space and a good development environment for the biomedical industry.


       Overall, the future of China's biopharmaceutical industry is full of hope and promising prospects. Looking ahead, China's biopharmaceutical industry will continue to grow. China's biological and biochemical products industry will still show rapid development in the coming period.

Salary level: As medical engineers cover more fields, the situation of employers and each person's education and ability are different, so the salary of this occupation has great flexibility, and the general monthly salary of university graduates is about 3,000 yuan.


       Career Prospects: There are good prospects for integrated talents who combine biology, medicine and engineering technology. These talents need to have two skills: one is new product development, and the other is instrument operation. Biomedical engineering field, biotechnology field, bioinformatics field, medical and health sector and other related units have a strong demand for this kind of talents ......

Professional Features

       Professional Outlook Biotechnology drugs have been widely used to treat cancer, AIDS, anemia, dysplasia, diabetes, heart failure, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, and some rare genetic diseases. Many large pharmaceutical companies are faced with a large number of expiring patents and a very low product pipeline, and are forced to look to life science companies for new drugs. New drug discovery technologies are making it increasingly inexpensive, rapid and accurate to find targets for specific diseases.

Professional Prospects

        China is the world's most populous country, yet the number of people engaged in research and development of biotechnology industry is 17,000, the number of production and management of 0.9 million, only equivalent to the number of biotechnology industry in the U.S. 1/4. engaged in research and development of biopharmaceutical products is a serious shortage of talent, has become a bottleneck limiting the development of China's biopharmaceutical industry.

It can be seen that the development of China's biomedical industry is in urgent need of a large number of pharmaceutical senior technical professionals.

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